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Alarplasty – Nose Reduction Surgery

Alarplasty also is known as Nose reduction surgery is a procedure for correcting and defining symmetry of Nose or Nostril reduction. It is cosmetic nose surgery or procedure to reduce the width of nostrils and correct alar flaring.

The third feature of an Asian nose is the broad overhanging alar or flaring of the alar. When the alar position is lower than the columella or midline of the nose, it gives the appearance of a short and rounded nose. The alars can be reduced in thickness and height by performing a wedge excision of the overhanging alar tissue at the rim. An incision is also made along the alar groove to rotate the alar inwards. This surgery removes the overhanging effect of the alar, reduces the bulkiness, narrows the alar base as well as triangulates the lower third of the nose.

This procedure is called Alarplasty (Nose Reduction Surgery) and takes about 1.5 hours.

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Alarplasty – Nose Reduction Surgery

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