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Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Augmentation Rhinoplasty is a procedure that increases the height of the nasal bridge to enhance the facial profile. This is achieved by inserting a silicone implant over the nasal bone through a small cut in the nostril. The enhancement using a solid silicone implant simulates an increase in the bony height of the nasal bone without changing the thickness of the skin and soft tissue. It gives the nose a more natural, solid and defined bridge. Augmentation rhinoplasty is frequently done together with tip rhinoplasty.

A closed method augmentation rhinoplasty takes about 1 hour. The recovery time is about 1 week. The possible and common complications (< 5%) associated with nasal implant surgery include bleeding, hematoma, infection and extrusion of implant. In the long term, care has to be taken to avoid trauma to the nose.

Enhancement of the bridge can be done judiciously with fillers. The filler injected into the soft tissue increases the thickness of the soft tissue over the bridge, thus simulating increased height of the nasal bridge. Appropriate amounts used at the right location can enhance the contour and shape of the nasion and bridge without surgery as an office procedure. However excessive use of fillers will cause the skin and soft tissue over the bridge to look bulky and swollen, thus less natural. The effect generally last about 1-2 years.

The procedure takes about 30 mins with minimal recovery time. Occasionally, if a bruise occurs, it may take about 1 week to resolve.

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Augmentation Rhinoplasty

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