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Brow Lift – Upper Eyelid Lift Surgery

With ageing of the upper eyelids, there is frequently an associated brow droop which accentuates the hooding of the upper eyelid laterally. In the presence of brow droop, upper blepharoplasty alone to remove excess skin will not be enough to fully brighten up the upper eyelid. A simple method to complement the upper eyelid surgery is to do a direct brow lift. An ellipse of skin is removed just above the brow to raise the brow position higher. There will be a resultant linear scar on the upper edge of the brow, which is not noticeable after a few months. It can also be camouflage with eyebrow liner or tattoo.

The lateral upper eyelid droop may also be corrected or lifted with using a sub-brow approach if the brow postion is high. An ellipse of skin below the brow is excised below the brow to lift the upper eyelid.

These procedures take about 1 hour under local anaesthesia and the recovery period is about 1 week. This is suitable for patients who prefer a simple surgery with quick recovery to more complex surgeries like endoscopic brow lift or forehead lift which has longer downtime.

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Brow Lift – Upper Eyelid Lift Surgery

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