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Genioplasty Chin Surgery

The chin projection is an important component of the facial profile. A good nasal projection in the midface requires a strong chin in the lower face to balance the profile. A weak chin due to poor bony projection can be enhanced with an implant. 
The solid silicone implant is inserted in front of the chin bone through a few small incisions inside the lower lip (lower buccal sulcus). The solid silicone implant simulates the bony projection and gives a natural appearance. The implant is long-lasting and permanent.

The procedure takes about 1.5 hours under local anaesthesia. The possible complications (<5%) include bleeding, hematoma, infection, loss or change of lower lip sensation and extrusion of the implant. The recovery time is about 1 -2weeks.

Chin augmentation using an implant is a simple method to achieve chin projection with minimal risk as compared to genioplasty. Genioplasty is a surgical procedure whereby the chin bone is cut, shifted forward and fixed internally with plates and screws.

For mild corrections and enhancements, collagen or fillers can be used without surgery. Overcorrection with fillers will also lead to soft tissue bulkiness of the chin with poor definition.

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Genioplasty Chin Surgery

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