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Scars and Keloids Treatment

There are generally 3 types of scars, namely keloids, hypertrophic scars and others including broad, uneven or pigmented scars.

Keloids are thick scars, which are nodular, red, itchy or sometimes painful. They commonly occur over the chest, shoulders, back, jawline or earlobe. The scars have overgrown the boundary of the initial injury. Hypertrophic scars are thick and red scars, which confine within the area of injury or surgical scar.

A treatment regime involving a combination of surgery and scar treatment is usually recommended. A serial excision of scar or excision of scars with or without skin grafting followed by intralesional injection of steroids to maintain the scar and prevent recurrence and application of silastic gel sheet or massage with scar gel.

For the third group of scars, which are broad, uneven or pigmented, surgical excision and revision of the scar are advised to correct the structural deformities of the scar. The new scar is then treated with the same regime to optimize healing. Serial excision of the scar is usually very helpful because it allows healing with less tension in the scar and time for the surrounding normal skin to stretch and accommodate.

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Scars and Keloids Treatment

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