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A Rhinoplasty or Nose Job is most common plastic surgery procedure. Rhinoplasty surgery is to reshape, correct and reconstruct Nose to attain more appealing and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Rhinoplasty can change shape of nose, correct distortion, improve symmetry and enhance facial harmony.

The Asian nose is typically characterized by low nasal bridge, rounded & bulbous tip and associated with overhanging alar or sides of the nose.  Rhinoplasty surgery will involves surgery to correct these 3 areas: 

  • The bridge or dorsum of the nose
  • The tip of the nose
  • The alars or sides of the nose

Dr Hong is specialist plastic surgeon in Singapore offers Rhinoplasty surgery to reshape cartilage, alter nostril shape, refine nasal bone structure. Get assessment and advice on Rhinoplasty/Nose Surgery by specialist plastic surgeon at Hong Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Augmentation Rhinoplasty Or Nasal Implant Surgery
Rhinoplasty surgery typically refers to augmentation of the height of the nasal bridge with an implant.  Nasal Implant Surgery is commonly done in Japan and Korea and many Asian countries. Nasal augmentation is usually done using a silicone implant, either a straight or L shaped solid silicone implant, inserted over the dorsum of the nose to increase the height of the nose. The improvement in height and length of the nose will enhance the overall facial profile. The enhancement using a solid silicone implant simulates an increase in the bony height of the nasal bone without changing the thickness of the skin and soft tissue. It gives the nose a more natural, solid and defined bridge. Augmentation Rhinoplasty or the Nasal Implant Surgery is frequently done together with Tip Rhinoplasty or Alarplasty.

How Is Augmentation Rhinoplasty Done?
The silicone nasal implant can be inserted through a small cut inside the nostril, called the closed method or Closed Rhinoplasty. Commonly if it is done with tip rhinoplasty, then the open approach or Open rhinoplasty is done through a cut at the bottom of the columella and extending into the nostrils. 

How long is the procedure? What is the recovery time?
The closed augmentation rhinoplasty takes about 1 hour. The recovery time is about 1 week. 

Is there any possible Complications? Of long term side effects?
The possible and common complications (< 5%) associated with nasal implant surgery include bleeding, hematoma, infection and extrusion of implant. In the long term, care has to be taken to avoid trauma to the nose. There is possible extrusion of the implant or infection due to thinning of skin over the tip of the nose.

Tip Rhinoplasty
The Asian nose is frequently associated with rounded and fleshy tip. The rounded tip may be reshaped by trimming some soft tissue bulk, reduce and repositioning the alar cartilage. The tip projection is enhanced or augmented with ear conchal cartilage graft. This procedure is commonly done in Japan and Korea and our surgeon uses the same technique. 

How Is Tip Rhinoplasty Done?
This procedure is generally done using the open rhinplasty approach. The conchal graft is taken from behind the ear leaving a well-hidden linear scar at the back of the ear without distorting the shape of the ear. This procedure is usually done together with Augmentation Rhinoplasty or Nasal Implant surgery using the Open Rhinoplasty method

The procedure takes about 2-3 hours under local anaesthesia. The recovery time is about 1 -2 weeks.

The third feature of an Asian nose is the broad overhanging Alar or flaring of the Alar. When the Alar position is lower than the colummella or mid line of the nose, it gives the appearance of a short and rounded nose. The alars can be reduced in thickness and height by performing a wedge excision of the overhanging alar tissue at the rim. An incision is also made along the alar groove to rotate the alar inwards. This surgery removes the overhanging effect of the alar, reduces the bulkiness and narrows the alar base without reducing size of the nostril opening. It helps to triangulates the lower third of the nose and makes it look sharper and longer. This is a signature procedure  or special surgical technique that our surgeon does as a stand-alone surgical procedure or part of the whole Asian Rhinoplasty Surgery.

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